Saturday, 26 February 2011

Getting Hitched

MEMORIES .. there are so many (especially when you reach my stage) but there are some that are so extraordinary and so very special that you will never forget.

Getting married is one such moment. It's magic and it will stay in my memory for the rest of my life. It defines, dictates and starts the sequence of events that happens in my life till now ....  Stepping into the 'Masjid' for the first time to read my vow .. till death do us part. Oopps!, actually it's reciting the 'akad nikah'. It's magical. Those who have gone through this will know what I mean.  As a word of caution though, practice does not make perfect! Once will be enough!

After that, it was moving into our first house.  Our very own house! Wow, the feeling was great. With no furniture at all, it still felt like a castle.  Eating with a plank as table top supported with four bricks was like eating in a luxurious Japanese restaurant.  We saved every single cent we had and soon our dream house was filled .. television, sofa set, kitchen cabinet, dining table, curtain etc.  The most memorable was buying an aquarium, filled it with gold fish and feeding it until it literally burst and died! What a shocker .. ha, that's the excitement of owning an aquarium for the first time!  Lesson to be learnt, do not ever over feed your fish especially gold fish.  God bless the poor souls!

Living together, getting use to each others habits, good and bad, is not easy but that being said, here we are reaching our 20th anniversary this year. Thank you Yang, for being ever tolerant with me. Love you, always!